A new small black Kodak Brownie camera was an integral part of my camping gear when I headed off to the mountains with the scout troop in my early teens.  With it, I documented the spider hanging from its web above my bunk as well as the other girls in various scout activities.  The return of the grainy, blurry, black and white images with the white scalloped borders was an utter disappointment to my young eyes.  But I was hooked on the thought and process of capturing the world about me.

Thus began a life-long passion for the captured image.  Progressing through the evolution of cameras to the digital process, I found many uses for my photography.  Adding documentary images to reports for career assignments introduced me to a whole new way to use photography.  But this was not enough. 

The excitement of sumptuous and luscious colors with the immediate accessibility of my images far exceeded my past expectations.  This POP and POW sent me traveling in an ever widening area to record and share what I see. 

Today I am still working on my constant goal of improving my skills using the camera and processing programs so the images I share are of the highest caliber.  It is important to me that I can look into the heart and soul of the people, places and things I see to convey the beauty, order and symmetry of my world.

Self portrait times three


Yousuf Karsh                                      Bruce Barnbaum                     Sam Abell
Paul Strand                                         Darran Leal                              Andrew Gibson
Arnold Newman                                Julia Anna Gaspodarou          David Duchemin
Steve McCurry                                   Rick Sammon                           Arthur Meyerson
Imogen Cunningham                       Jay Maisel                                  Walker Evans
Navada Weir                                     Amy Toensing                           Ernst Haas